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Name: Amelia
Contact Info: frigentem [at] gmail [dot] com
Other Characters Played: n/a
Preferred Apartment: She will be rooming with Korra and the other avatar characters!

Character Name: Asami Sato
Canon: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Background/History: so... it's a date?
Previous Game History: n/a
Asami Sato, the bombshell daughter of the famous Hiroshi Sato, inventor of the Satomobile. Beautiful, feminine, polite, sociable — in many ways, she epitomizes the ideal of a true heiress. She exudes confidence and even has a bit of a wild streak, evidenced by her love of all things motorized. A moped is her main form of transportation after all. She is, in many ways, a direct foil to the titular hero Korra, as they are so dissimilar (something Korra immediately notices), though this does not stop Asami from quickly becoming one of her few trusted confidants.

The first time we meet Asami, she's driving recklessly on her moped and hits Mako as he runs into the road. It becomes apparent that she can be a bit impulsive, as she is driving extremely fast, enough to knock Mako down on his back. She displays her mastery of conversation, though, as she quickly hops off, apologizes, and invites Mako to dinner — even recognizing him as a probender, one of her favorite sports, surely because of how enticing and adrenaline pumping it can get. When you're cooped up in a manor all day, every day, you tend to want to have some excitement every once and a while, after all. Though her appearance is prim and perfect, she is flirty and casual.

Given the highly pampered life that she has led, Asami showers Mako with gifts, including convincing her father to sponsor their probending team, to allow them to be eligible for the championship. A daddy's girl, she shows great fealty for her father, having a significantly close relationship with him (having lost her mother at a young age by firebenders, they are all each other has). This may make her seem shallow, but she also brings a sort of affection to their relationship, something Mako is not used to, and Asami quickly becomes his inspiration and motivation to press onward. She is present at all his games, there to cheer him on and pick him up when he's down.

While at first, she seemed like Korra's exact opposite, they really do host quite a few similarities. Despite her pampered lifestyle, Asami does wish to breakaway from the mold she's been set into. Fiercely independent, this is where her reckless side comes out, and why she is always so willing and eager to accompany Korra and the others. They bring something new to the table. Asami is deeply competitive in all things she does, shown when she takes Korra for a practice drive in the Satomobiles and leaves the driver of the other car spinning uncontrollably off the road, a smirk on her face. She's also had formal self defense training, so despite being a nonbender, she can hold her own against some equalists.

She's a quick thinker, and very clever, which can be seen during a car chase scene in which she makes swift, accurate judgments and calls on what should be done; including having Bolin create ramps with his earth bending. Despite being so impulsive, Asami is meticulous and able to multitask and think logically. She's also quite cunning; she's shown pretending to be on her father's side at one point, just to obtain the weapon he's offering, only to attack him with it when she gets her hands on it.

Asami has a strong moral compass, and desires to do what's right; even if that means not siding with her father. She goes through a short, temporary crisis when he gives her the ultimatum — join him and the oppressive, violent equalists, or stay with Korra and fight against them. In the end, she saw the light, and understood that her father was in the wrong. From this, we can see how deeply Asami values justice. Even if it means having to fight her own father, she will do the right thing. In many ways, she is selfless. She swears off all of her worldly luxuries to fight alongside Korra, against the equalists. Don't make Asami angry, though — when she gets angry, she gets very, very serious, to the point where she nearly kills her father. When she is angered or frustrated, she can become ruthless and cutthroat, unafraid of the casualties that may result in her actions. However, she would never harm someone she cared about or an innocent.

Asami is not without flaws. She can be prideful and uppity, such as when she and the rest of the Avatar Team are forced to take refuge in the sewers and she refuses to eat salvaged soup, and can be spiteful and rude towards people she is angry with. Such is to be expected of a rich teenage girl. At the very least, Asami tries to hide these flaws and not let them interfere with others' image of her.

A notable development throughout the first season is Korra's budding feelings for Mako, and, in turn, Mako's blooming, reciprocal feelings for her. At first, Asami is jealous, assuming that she is just being paranoid, but later, she confronts Mako about this, telling him that she does not dislike Korra, but it's clear that he isn't taking their relationship seriously. From this, we can see how mature Asami is, even though she is still a hormone addled teenager. Still, after this confrontation, Asami is bitter towards Mako, showing that she can be spiteful when she feels it is justified. Later on, in the finale, she ends their relationship for good, but civilly, wanting to remain friends.

All in all, Asami is a kind, caring girl, though a bit spoiled. She can take things for granted, but she always means well, and wants the best for those around her. She's a normal girl, thrust into a very abnormal situation; one who has emotions and feelings like any other girl. She's had to make some very difficult decisions since meeting Korra, but all of them have been what she's felt are the 'right' ones. She is a driven, strong willed young lady, one with an unrelenting determination and a powerful force behind her.

Abilities/Powers: A (mostly) normal human girl. She does have heightened physical attributes, though, due to having defensive training since she was little, so she's very limber and can hold her own in a fight.
Sample Entry:

[ the feed opens up to reveal a beautiful girl — albeit, she's looking a little more disheveled than usual, without her typical high amount of makeup. Her hair is also a bit frazzled, and she's brushing through it rather casually when it clicks on. Once she's aware the feed is on, she quits. ]

Hello. My name is Asami Sato. It's nice to meet you all, though the situation isn't exactly the best.

[ Her voice is casual, calm — but holds a bit of a sternness behind it. It's obvious to see how steely this girl is at the moment, as it had only been a day since everyone had been dumped into this madhouse. Still, she carries a small smile, and seems genuine in her endeavors at good will. ]

I still don't understand what's going on fully, but at the very least, some of my friends are here with me. I hope everyone else was as lucky as I am. I don't know what I'd do, being here alone.. Oh, but that's not what I wanted to talk about, sorry. [ Asami crosses one arm across her stomach, the other's hand extended to her chin. ] I had a question — I'm sure no one knows the answer, but it's worth a shot, right? How familiar are you all with technology? My father is.. was an inventor, and he made some of the most revolutionary things my world's seen, but.. some of the things here are far more advanced than anything he's ever created. Things I've never even seen, or thought could exist. So I was wondering — are these things familiar to you? Or are they just as new and odd as they are to me?

Thank you for your time. [ Asami waves to the camera, then clicks off. ]

Sample Entry Two:

Asami had grown accustomed to waking up with things missing. First, her mother. That probably stung the hardest. She was just a child, so she didn't fully understand, but every time she'd awaken from a good dream and run to her mother's room giddily to inform her, she wound up with tears streaming. Next, it was her father, as well as her lavish home. It was difficult to adjust, to repress her feelings for her now renegade father, to deal without the luxuries that she was used to. She could deal with it, though, especially since there were more pressing matters at hand. After that came Mako, which was a bit less grueling; the disintegration of their relationship was a peaceful one, left on a good note. Still, she no longer had someone to hold her when she was feeling down, to reassure her when she was lost.

Now, she had to wake up everyday in this strange town, confined to a cluttered apartment with five other bodies. It was a new experience, to say the least, more of a hassle and frustrating than anything. Rolling out of bed, she promptly bumps her head on the wooden frame over head. "Ow!" She screeches, quickly covering her mouth. It would be horrible if she'd woken the rest of the apartment up, but after her eyes adjust to the darkness, she notices no one else is currently present. She lets go of her mouth and stands, rubbing her forehead. She really was out of her element.

Making her way to the kitchen, she flips the light switch on to see a cockroach crawl across the floor. "Ugh! Disgusting!" Asami slides over to a cabinet and shuffles around for a moment before she finds some manner of spray; cleaning supply, by the look of it. She spins on her feet, wielding the can almost like a gun, and squirts, seemingly drowning the creepy crawler before she actually poisons it. Soon, the apartment is filled with the awful smell of ammonia, and she covers her nose. "This.. is really going to take some getting used to." She muses. She turns on the coffee maker and stands in silence for a few minutes, leaning against a counter. Soon, the strong scent fades, and she removes her hand. "I have to adjust — I can't be weak, not in a situation like this. If I don't, I.." Might not survive, she thinks. But she can't vocalize a thought like that. Her face narrows. "I can't think like that, either. Everything's going to be fine." The coffee machine beeps, and she reaches into another cabinet to pull out a mug, pouring a cup full. She makes her way over to a table, sits, and takes a sip of her coffee, sighing. "Just fine."


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